Body Fascism

by Model Trains

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recorded may-june 2016 ish


chemical subordinate
let me choose just what you are
for optimal performance of
what makes up you
are you still scared of death, friend?
or just of dying alone?
unless you follow us
these fates will soon befall you
when will you learn to care for yourself?

seek perfection to the standard
that you know that you want
until it eats you up inside
your every waking hour
how pathetic, all your habits
all the drugs that you're on
become beautiful
and then become the one in power

i don't wanna die at 25,
but if that's what it takes
to say no to you,
then i guess i'll have to

liberated from fashion
latched to a different one
driven against your instincts
as a living thing
celebrating your depression
trying not to, but it slips in
your energy's declining
cut out all the garbage
there's nothing keeping you from being normal

so try to be as good as me
come see how good i am
tried so hard to be like this
now i need you to love me
you're human garbage
i can't believe you choose to live that way
my identity's a tally of the people who've fucked me

i don't wanna get old while i'm young,
but since that's the only place where i'd agree with you,
then i guess i want to

because you're overly defensive,
and the things that you believe are blocking you
from your true potential
qualities i like
that you don't know that you value


released April 15, 2017




Model Trains Calgary, Alberta

songwriting project of one teague clements

i've been recording for years so genre is pretty variable

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